NJM2538BV datasheet

NJM2538BV Datasheet

NJM2538BV Detail Informations

Part Number : NJM2538BV Function : Video amplifier with 75 ohms driver Package : SSOP 20 Pin Manufacturers : Japan Radio Corporation  Image : NJM2538BV datasheet   Description : THE NJM2538B is a video amplifier with 75 ohms drivers, which includes LPF and BPF of both Y and C system. THE NJM2538B can compose the output circuit of digital video items with a little external components. It is suitable for portable items.   Pinout NJM2538BV pinout Features 1. Internal Black and white 2 Level Imposer 2. Internal Gain controller 3. Internal SDC Interface 4. Bipolar Technology   NJM2538 Datasheet PDF Download
NJM2538BV pdf Other data sheets within the file : NJM2538BV, NJM2538V

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